Internet Advantage: Online Banks Enable Cheap Loans

Since the use of the Internet has become interesting for the settlement of credit transactions, credit seekers are increasingly on favorable credit terms. For those interested in credit, applying for a loan over the Internet has many advantages. Online banks in particular can save money by eliminating the need for personnel-intensive personal counseling sessions and the branch structure, and pass on this cost savings directly to their customers.

Online banks save considerable costs due to a lack of branch structure and reduced personnel and are able to pass on this financial advantage to their customers in the form of low-cost banks. Thus, even quite young credit institutions are able to compete in the highly sought after market .

Financing calculator bring clarity to compare the numerous loan terms with each other. Only in comparison, the loan seeker can see whether the present offer is really beneficial. For this one enters in the credit calculator the personal desires, conceptions and possibilities regarding purpose, loan sum and duration and receives immediately the credit conditions of all integrated banks , which correspond to these parameters in the overview.

The loan calculator compares loans and financing of all kinds and sheds light on the credit jungle.

Your holiday loan for the best weeks of the year

Spring is approaching and with it the first big wave of the journey. At least over Easter, it draws many people into the distance – to where it is already warm and sunny. In addition, the hour of the early bookers, who are securing their vacation for the summer, is beating right now. Still many promoters can make real bargains thanks to high discounts.

Nice trips go into the money

Far away destinations and longer stays in the south, however, still cost a lot of GeldGeld ist ein Gegenstand oder eine überprüfbare Aufzeichnung, die allgemein als Bezahlung oder Tauschmittel für Waren und Dienstleistungen und Rückzahlung von Schulden in einem bestimmten Land oder sozioökonomischen Kontext akzeptiert wird. Die Hauptfunktionen des Geldes werden(… weiterlesen)” >money even with early bird discounts. If there is low tide in the travel fund and the savings are not enough for a dream holiday, a holiday loan can be the solution. It allows immediate booking of the desired trip – and the repayment will then take many months or several years to complete.

Find cheap vacation loan

You can basically use loans that you find via for any purpose. Even holiday loans are so easily feasible. You can also spend part of the loan amount for other purposes and invest only a part of your holiday – you alone decide what you want to do with the money.

In any case: The experts of are looking for the best financing for you. If necessary, we negotiate with up to 20 different banks, brokers and other donors. The goal is always to find the best conditions for you.

Free request

Even though finding the perfect loan should be a bit more expensive, it rarely takes more than 24 hours to get your specific loan offer in the mailbox. In many cases our credit professionals need only one to two hours. The service is always completely free for you.

Book a dream holiday and pay by credit

Once you have the loan approval from one of our banking partners in your pocket, you can book your dream vacation. At the same time, you return the signed loan agreement and within a few days you will have the loan amount in your account. So you can travel in a relaxed atmosphere and let your soul – wishes you a relaxing and unforgettable holiday!

Secure financing with the car loan calculator

With the car loan calculator of you have the optimal guide to the side, in order to get a low-cost financing for his car.

The dream of owning a car is usually associated with considerable costs. Paying the entire price in cash is not possible for many people. In addition to financing via a loan , the consumer can also lease a car. Even a balloon financing , as a mix of the options already mentioned, is possible as a financing measure . Thus, the dream can be realized in a simple manner.

How do you get a loan ? Over the Internet one has the possibility to get in touch with a bank . The car loan calculator from offers particularly attractive offers to choose from. For many banks creditworthiness is the decisive factor for interest rates . The better the creditworthiness of a prospective buyer, the lower the interest usually will be. With a negative entry , the search for credit is much more difficult. Very few banks issue a loan under this condition. However, there are also occasionally providers who, despite negative entries, accept loan applications. Especially foreign financial institutions, such as banks from Switzerland, usually require no information from . The creditworthiness is checked by the banks themselves. The claimant should be able to show a regular income, with which the repayments can be guaranteed.

How do you find the right bank ? Often there is the possibility to borrow directly from a dealership. But this funding does not necessarily have to be the most beneficial. Therefore, a comparison with the help of the car loan comparison calculator is recommended. This gives you a very good overview of the various offers. Depending on the amount of the loan amount and the duration , there are different good offers. As already mentioned, the creditworthiness of the customer is also decisive for the credit costs. Very good interest rates in the euro area are offered by many Swiss banks. Once you have decided on a bank, it is very easy to make contact over the internet. If the credit rating is positive, the possession of the personal dream car is not much in the way.

5 Advice for a Successful Loan Application

German consumers borrow more than a few years ago. According to , around 17.4 million installment loans are currently running, a figure that has increased by more than half over the last decade. Not only an increased need for consumer goods is held responsible, but also the currently relatively low interest rates on installment loans allow consumers access.

However, if you want to get a good and cheap installment loan , you should take the following five advices to heart. They increase the applicant’s chances of his application being accepted by the financial service provider concerned and indicate where costs can be saved:

1. Compare, compare, compare

Favorable interest rate offers entice consumers – especially in recent times – to conclude a installment loan without great preconceptions. But that’s not what should happen, but take a look at several offers before submitting a loan application.
In addition, it should be kept in mind that providers only award their lowest interest rates to customers with a very good credit rating . A realistic view of one’s own creditworthiness helps to assess whether the low interest rate of the bank in question can actually be maintained.

In addition to the borrowing rate of the loan offers, the 2/3 interest rate should also be compared. With this interest rate give banks to which of interest , the majority (2/3) of the customers their credit get.

2. Always consider the credit rating

The creditworthiness of a consumer mentioned in the last point is therefore decisive for the interest on a installment loan. Each bank sets some criteria, but in most cases the place of residence, the job situation (permanent / seniority), the income, the monthly expenses and the number of borrowers . Added to this is the so-called value of the applicant, which states the probability with which he repays his loan in full. The better the value of the prospective customer, the higher his credit rating. Incidentally, the score can be checked once a year with in-house information.

3. Do not ask too many specific requests

Specific credit requests for installment loans are automatically forwarded to the . If these requests accumulate, the can correct the so-called ” value” of the person concerned downwards. Therefore, interested parties should only make a condition request, which will be deleted immediately after ten days. The value of the person concerned will then not deteriorate permanently.

4. Match your loan request with your life situation

Before a loan is applied for, one’s own financial and living situation should be considered more closely. For example, if there is a debt rescheduling of old loans, an overdrawn credit line and credit card debt should also be included. It also has to be thought about which monthly loan installment can be made permanently. In order to remain as flexible as possible in exceptional situations, for example, the monthly rate may be set slightly lower and additional special repayments may be required.

5. Credit protection – if necessary

In principle, the conclusion of a residual debt insurance does not increase the likelihood of being granted a loan. The decision as to whether such an insurance is completed is therefore completely free for any applicant . Those who have a term life insurance , for example, are already adequately covered by their installment loan in the event of their own death. But what happens if the job is lost or you can no longer work as a result of an injury? If a family is dependent on a main earner, loans over 10,000 euros and with long terms are applied, should therefore be taken into account when concluding an installment loan, the combination with a residual debt insurance.

The five points presented can make life easier for applicants if they want to take out an installment loan. With a good credit rating and targeted condition inquiries with different providers, a very good result, that is a cheap credit conclusion, can be achieved without much ado.

Financing Distance Learning with a Loan

Distance learning is a very good way to educate yourself next to the profession. Here you have the choice between a variety of courses and different degrees, so certainly everyone will find something suitable. Of course, there are also costs for distance learning that have to be dealt with. Here a bank loan can be a very good help.

Distance Learning Program

Thanks to the very wide range of distance learning courses, it is possible, for example, to catch up on a high school diploma or even to further your education for the profession.

The choice of different distance learning courses is enormous. For example, it is possible here to catch up with a high school diploma, obtain a degree from a university, complete a variety of vocational courses or even take a private degree, such as pursuing a new hobby. In addition, prospective distance students have the choice between private as well as state providers.

On the one hand personal wishes as well as on the other hand professional backgrounds play an important role in the selection of the study program.


For distance learning, depending on the provider and choice of study, different levels of costs, which usually burden your own wallet heavily.

The cost of distance learning varies greatly. For example, it depends on whether you are studying at a private distance-learning academy or a distance-learning university or a state-run distance-learning university. For example, with the first-mentioned variants, costs of 10,000 euros or even more can quickly arise. However, the last mentioned options are still about 1,500 to 3,000 euros . If you book a distance learning course that ends without a degree, you will have to budget around 50 to 500 euros per month. However, these are rough guideline values ‚Äč‚Äčthat may well differ significantly.

In addition, there are programs that have a fairly long term . Thus, distance students have to budget for a corresponding period of time the financial burden .

Furthermore, however, additional costs may also be expected under certain circumstances. If, for example, attendance phases belong to the selected course of studies, travel and, if applicable, accommodation costs must also be taken into account. This also applies if an on-site inspection is carried out. It may also be possible to obtain further study material. This and similar information, however, the various remote providers usually directly from the degree programs, so that it is clear even before contracting with the distance school, what must be expected in the respective degree program.

Payment at the distance school

The cost of the selected distance learning course can usually be paid either in a one-off amount or by installment . Depending on the program, however, these are quite large amounts.

The various remote providers offer their students usually not only the opportunity to pay the amount for the selected course in a complete one-off payment, but it is usually feasible to pay off the sum in installments in installments.

However, depending on the course of study chosen, it is still a very large amount that has to be paid each month, often for the period indicated as the standard period of study in the course concerned.

Payment by credit

Distance learning can be paid by installment loan . For example, it is often possible to set the rates relatively low, so that the monthly financial burden is limited.

A good, alternative option for paying for distance learning, for example, offers an installment loan . Here it is the applicant usually possible, with the bank select the length of the term or the amount of the installments to a certain extent. Accordingly, for example, it may well be feasible to opt for a monthly installment that is lower than the installment offered by distance learning. This can certainly represent a significantly lower financial burden. In addition, even with a installment loan from a bank, the rates are always the same, so it does not come to unpleasant surprises.

For the granting of a loan, it is essential to fulfill the respective requirements of the banks . In addition to a secure, fixed income, this also includes a positive report and a good credit rating . In addition, as a rule, a German checking account and a German residence must be available. Similarly, the prospective applicant should have reached the age of 18 already.

However, if you are under the age of majority or you do not meet one or more requirements of the banks, then it is usually hardly feasible to apply for a loan . However, there are exceptions. For example, with the help of a guarantor or a second borrower, it is still possible to obtain the desired loan . However, it should be remembered that in such a case, the person concerned must meet the bank requirements. In addition, the guarantor or the second borrower must be aware that in the event of a default by the original borrower , he must pay for the remainder of the loan or pay the remaining installments.

In addition, many banks also offer their customers additional services. This includes, for example, the option of being able to suspend a rate in the event of an emergency or of making special repayments possible. The latter ensures that the loan amount is reduced by the additional payment. As a result, interest rates are lower. If no special repayment was agreed in the contract, the credit institutions generally require a so-called prepayment penalty . This is levied because banks are receiving less interest income due to their early payment. So it is absolutely advisable to calculate here well before the payment, whether in this case, a special repayment still worthwhile.

Credit is not equal to credit

Before a loan for the financing of the distance study is taken up, the different offers of the different banks should be well compared. So it is often feasible to save a lot.

Before concluding a loan to pay for distance learning, it is advisable to compare the different loan offers of the various banks well. Because an installment loan is not just a installment loan. This means that the various credit institutions offer different offers, which also differ in their costs. Accordingly, it pays off literally, if the eyes are kept open and the various offers are compared well with each other. For example, just a few percentage points are enough to make a difference of, for example, several hundred euros. Depending on the loan amount, this is even a much higher amount. Thanks to a comparison, the account can thus often be significantly spared.

A very good comparison option is the annual percentage rate. In contrast to the nominal interest , this includes all costs incurred for the loan.

To compare the various loan offers easily and quickly, an online loan comparison is very good. Here you can see the various loan offers as well as the most important details and costs at a glance.

Dream trip at a bargain price: Get a holiday loan now!

When it is as cold and dark outside as it is at the moment, the desire for sun and warmth becomes huge. A little dreaming about the next vacation is not only allowed, but even makes sense – provided it is not just dreaming. Those who already make their journey (s) clear for the summer can save a lot of money : Early bird discounts of up to 50 percent make it possible. And if the travel fund actually does not offer a booking at the moment, that’s not a problem either. For a holiday loan with provides fast and easy for the necessary money in the account.

Whether you are planning a week on the North Sea or a luxury break in the Caribbean: With you will find just the right vacation loan. It starts with funding amounts of 1,000 euros . Even 5,000 euros or more are no problem.

Basically, there are two approaches on the way to a vacation loan.

Possibility number one: You choose your dream trip, find out what it costs (taking advantage of all discounts for early bookers) and book online or at the travel agency. Then you pay the travel price at maturity with your cheap holiday loan.

Possibility number two: You determine in advance your maximum budget and secure the appropriate financing through Then start looking for suitable travel that fits the budget and your needs. You make the booking as soon as the holiday credit is credited to your account.

By the way: In times like these, a vacation loan can be worthwhile even if you actually have enough money on the high ridge. The reason is to be found in the historically low interest rates. You can borrow fresh money as cheaply as ever, while on the other hand, with your savings (for example, on the booming stock market) you have the chance of good returns. Once your money “earns” more for you than you pay interest on the vacation loan, you are making a good deal.

Loans for the furnishing of the study

When setting up the home office, not only the professional requirements but also your own wishes can be fully addressed. Of course, there are also costs that have to be covered. File shelves, cabinets, computers, printers and co are usually quite expensive. Thus, in many cases it is not necessarily possible to pay the required amount in cash. Respondents usually come up with the question of a suitable loan .

Credit Type

There is no special loan for the office furniture. Either this is a self-employed loan or a private installment loan .

As a rule, you will not find a special loan for the office furniture. This is usually more of a loan for the self-employed. However, it is also feasible to take out a private installment loan and thus acquire the necessary furniture, technical equipment and much more.

Credit for self-employed

With a self-employed loan, it is possible to finance the home office facility. However, it is often relatively difficult for self-employed to get such a loan.

There are now a large number of banks offering loans for the self-employed and freelancers. Usually, such a loan is similar to a conventional installment loan, but with different terms .

In such a loan, the banks usually pay more attention to the creditworthiness of the applicant , because due to the independence is usually no secure, regular income available. As a result, banks usually require proof of income, for example, two full calendar years. In addition, the internal minimum income is often set higher here than for an employee. For example, it may well be that your own budget statement deviates significantly from that used by the bank .

Similarly, the borrower must meet the other requirements of the various banks. These include, for example, a positive report, a correspondingly high income as well as a German checking account and a German residence.

The self-employed usually find it difficult to obtain a loan. Because of this, it is recommended to mention any collateral already at the credit. These can be crucial for the loan transfer. A guarantor or second borrower who fulfills the various requirements of the bank offers itself here in an ideal way. Likewise, for example, time deposits and life insurance are among the typical securities.

The repayment of the loan for self-employed is in monthly installments. The amount, term , interest , repayment and further details are recorded in writing in the loan agreement .

Classic installment credit

The classic installment loan is taken up privately and then booked internally to the business account.

However, it is also possible to include a private, classic installment loan for the furnishing of the study. From the point of view of liability, there are no differences here, as a self-employed person is liable here as well as a loan for self-employed with the entire private assets. The only important thing here is that the loan is posted internally to the business account. If the company runs the same as its own checking account in the name of the borrower, then this is usually readily possible. However, if your own company is a GmbH, then this is no longer feasible.

In this case, the conditions for granting a classic installment loan are similar to those for the self-employed loan. Nevertheless, it may well be possible that a installment loan may be forgiven by the banks here.


With a special repayment , it is possible to reduce the loan amount and minimize the interest burden .

In the case of existing self-employment, it can always happen that in one month the income is higher than expected. Accordingly, it is advisable to ensure that the loan agreement provides for the right to a free special repayment per annum. For some banks, this is even possible several times a year. It can always be deducted up to a certain amount, which is also recorded in the contract. In this way, not only the total loan amount can be paid off faster, but also less interest.

If no special repayment right is included in the contract, it may nevertheless be possible to make such a payment. However, banks often fall into a so-called prepayment penalty because they have to accept ZinsZinsen sind Zahlungen eines Kreditnehmers an einen Kreditgeber oder Einleger in Höhe eines Betrags, der über der Rückzahlung des Kapitalbetrags (d. h. des Kreditbetrags) um einen bestimmten Satz liegt. Der Zins unterscheidet sich von einer Gebühr, die der Kreditnehmer dem(… weiterlesen)” >interest-rate losses. In this case, it should be recalculated in advance whether a special repayment pays despite the prepayment penalty.

Further additional agreements

Depending on the bank , various services are also offered. This includes, for example, suspending a monthly RateDie Rate, die oft auch als Annuität bezeichnet wird, stellt die regelmäßigen Zahlungen des Darlehensnehmers an den Darlehensgeber dar. Dabei enthält die Rate, die in der Regel monatlich gezahlt wird, sowohl die Zinsen, die für das Darlehen anfallen, als auch einen Anteil für die(… weiterlesen)” >installment if a financial shortage suddenly arises.

However, some banks offer their customers even more attractive additional agreements. This includes, for example, that the first installment does not have to be settled immediately, but only a little later. Likewise, it can be contractually agreed that in the event of a sudden financial bottleneck, it is feasible to suspend a monthly installment. Furthermore, some banks offer the conclusion of a residual debt insurance . This occurs, for example, at the death of the borrower, so that the family does not get into the grief even in addition to financial difficulties, since the loan still has to be repaid. Here then the insurance takes over the accruing installments. However, it is advisable to consider the conclusion of such insurance well and make the decision of your own personal and financial condition.

However, it may also be that the bank insists on such insurance. In such a case, it is then only possible to conclude this or to place another loan request with another bank.


With the help of a self-employed loan , it is possible to acquire the equipment required for the job in question.

With a loan, which is used to furnish the study, a variety of purchases can be made. This starts, for example, with the most diverse furniture, goes on computer, printer and fax machine to the required office materials. Depending on which profession is pursued, it is thus possible to buy the required items in order to pursue the work.

The best way to think before applying for the loan exactly what furniture, objects, technical equipment and other things are needed, so that is not accidentally forgotten something important. After all, re- financing may prove to be quite difficult.


Start-ups who apply for a loan also need a business plan .

However, if the study is not simply “just” refurbished, but a livelihood needs to be built, then banks usually require an additional detailed business plan. When creating the plan, it’s best to spend a lot of time and think carefully about what’s going on. Because even the business plan often contributes greatly to the loan application being accepted or rejected.

The residential loan for modernization

If you want to beautify your home or make urgently needed repairs, you can also take out a residential loan as an alternative to the building loan of the bank . These loans are given as earmarked installment loans and are repaid in monthly fixed installments. Compared to the construction loan , the banks here renounce the entry of a mortgage into the land register , which saves a lot of time and money .

Residential credit: modernization of your own home

Anyone who owns a house must carry out various tasks over the years. From the simple renovation over the renovation of the windows to the expansion of the roof or basement floor, much is possible. To save money, property owners are increasingly choosing to install a new heating system that works much more efficiently. But all this costs a lot of money, which is not available to many real estate owners. When deciding on a loan, there are various offers to choose from:

Construction and real estate loans
Construction and real estate loans from banks are very well suited for the purchase of real estate . They are usually awarded in six-figure height and can have terms of up to 30 years . As security serves the entry of a mortgage in the land register of the respective object.

residential loans
Residential loans are an alternative to real estate loans. They are especially suitable when it comes to loan amounts of a maximum of 50,000 euros . A residential loan is designed as a installment loan and can be concluded with a term of up to 120 months . A Grundschuldeintrag is omitted here, so no additional costs have to be feared.

The conditions for residential loans

Residential loans are therefore a real alternative to the classic real estate loans, as they are awarded exclusively with Grundschuldeintrag. However, it is not possible for every loan seeker to take out a residential loan. Namely, these loans are given exclusively to real estate owners with appropriate evidence. As evidence, an existing land register excerpt or a property tax fee notice can be submitted.

These requirements must be met for residential loans:

  • Proof of real estate ownership in Germany
  • if applicable, account of the work to be carried out
  • majority
  • Sufficient income
  • Positive Die , die Schutzgemeinschaft für allgemeine Sicherung, ist der wichtigste Ansprechpartner, wenn es um die Kreditwürdigkeit von privaten Schuldnern geht. Die besitzt Daten zum Zahlungs- und Kaufverhalten einer bestimmten Person und kann dadurch Prognosen erstellen. Bei(… weiterlesen)” > information

In addition to proven real estate ownership, it is of course also necessary to have a fixed monthly income. This should ideally come from a non-self-employment. But even self-employed and freelancers now have good opportunities to take residential loans. Ultimately, of course, the query of the data should be positive.

Find cheap deals with the Wohnkredit comparison

Currently, installment loans that are given for residential purposes are not yet offered by all banks. Nevertheless, there are various offers that should be subjected to a comparison. Such a residential loan comparison can easily be done online with the residential loan calculator.

You should enter this information in the home loan calculator:
– amount of required loan amount
– desired loan term

With the amount of the loan amount as well as the desired loan period, the residential loan calculator can now determine which interest rates are calculated by the various banks and which monthly installment is to be paid on this basis. By changing the maturity, it is possible to adjust the rate burden to your own budget and thus to find a home loan, which is ideal for the entire term.

Record loans for modernization online

If a suitable home loan has been found, it can be completed online if desired. Usually even a forwarding directly from the home loan calculator is possible. You can get directly to the respective bank and can fill out your loan application there. After the transfer of the data, a first check can be made. Just seconds later you know if you will receive your loan. If the initial test is positive, only the loan application and all necessary documents must be forwarded by post . Once these have been verified, the loan can now be disbursed and used for the desired expenses.

Compare loan terms

Cheap loan conditions are the nuts and bolts of financing . But how do you find these? Quite simply with a comparison: This will select the banks that offer low interest rates and thus reduce your financial expenses. However, not only the interest rate for the cost balance is relevant. Other factors can influence the price. Below you will find out what you need to look out for when comparing credit conditions and what special services are worthwhile for a loan .

The most important conditions at a glance
The terms of a loan are composed of different components. Not only the interest is added, but also the loan amount and the term . Whether you are looking for low-lending financing or prefer a loan with a particularly long repayment period of more than 84 months – the maximum maturity of most banks . Not all financial institutions in the portfolio have corresponding offers, but with a comparison of the loan conditions you will find suitable providers quickly and without detours.

As already mentioned, the interest rates are of particular importance – this applies in particular to the effective annual interest rate, which combines the borrowing rate, the term and the processing fee. If you do not take out any remaining debt insurance , this rate will cover most of the costs incurred. Therefore, it is all the more important to choose the lowest possible interest rate . In this case, a comparison of the loan conditions will help you.

But these are not all costs: For special repayments or the early loan repayment also fees – more precisely, the prepayment penalty – incurred. Even if you do not want to make any unscheduled payments – the possibility of a free debt restructuring , they should secure in any case. If loans are cheaper after a few years than at the time of the contract, you can simply replace the existing one with a cheaper one. If a fee were charged for it, however, the savings could be nullified – and rescheduling would not be worthwhile.

Save money with a loan comparison
If you are currently looking for a cheap loan , you should not lose time and compare the terms with a comparison calculator. Looking online for a loan is worth it: Tests have shown that banks offer the products on the Internet at cheaper credit terms than at the store. Compare now!

With the car loan calculator for cheaper interest!

Banks issue installment loans for a variety of purchase requests. What you use the money , you are free. For example, you can use it to buy a vehicle. Alternatively, you can also use a dedicated car loan , which is usually the financing at a cheaper rate possible. So that you can compare the conditions of these offers well with each other, use our car loan calculator. This will help you to find a vehicle financing that does not unnecessarily burden your wallet.

How to calculate the interest on car loan

The interest rates that banks charge for a car loan can vary significantly – differences of several percentage points are not uncommon. Therefore, it makes sense to compare the rates of financial institutions and financially relieve. Use the car loan calculator for this purpose. This calculates in seconds the interest rates for your desired loan amount and duration . You then have to decide only for a bank with an attractive APR. Pay particular attention to the car loan comparison on this interest rate, as this combines the borrowing rate, the term and the processing fee – virtually all relevant price-determining factors.

But there is a problem: Banks assign both credit-based and non-credit-standing car loans. These are difficult to compare. To help you find cheap car financing , the calculator shows the average annual effective interest rate for each offer that at least two-thirds of borrowers have received from the bank on the terms specified. However, this rate is only a guideline – how much you ultimately pay depends on your credit rating . So it is easy for you to find a cheap car financing with the car loan calculator.

The remaining debt insurance is not listed in the calculator

However, this does not cover all costs: If you also want to take out a residual debt insurance , your costs will continue to increase. The car loan calculator but you can not see how much they are because the protection is optionally completed.