Dream trip at a bargain price: Get a holiday loan now!

When it is as cold and dark outside as it is at the moment, the desire for sun and warmth becomes huge. A little dreaming about the next vacation is not only allowed, but even makes sense – provided it is not just dreaming. Those who already make their journey (s) clear for the summer can save a lot of money : Early bird discounts of up to 50 percent make it possible. And if the travel fund actually does not offer a booking at the moment, that’s not a problem either. For a holiday loan with Kredite.de provides fast and easy for the necessary money in the account.

Whether you are planning a week on the North Sea or a luxury break in the Caribbean: With Kredite.de you will find just the right vacation loan. It starts with funding amounts of 1,000 euros . Even 5,000 euros or more are no problem.

Basically, there are two approaches on the way to a vacation loan.

Possibility number one: You choose your dream trip, find out what it costs (taking advantage of all discounts for early bookers) and book online or at the travel agency. Then you pay the travel price at maturity with your cheap holiday loan.

Possibility number two: You determine in advance your maximum budget and secure the appropriate financing through Kredite.de. Then start looking for suitable travel that fits the budget and your needs. You make the booking as soon as the holiday credit is credited to your account.

By the way: In times like these, a vacation loan can be worthwhile even if you actually have enough money on the high ridge. The reason is to be found in the historically low interest rates. You can borrow fresh money as cheaply as ever, while on the other hand, with your savings (for example, on the booming stock market) you have the chance of good returns. Once your money “earns” more for you than you pay interest on the vacation loan, you are making a good deal.