Financing Distance Learning with a Loan

Distance learning is a very good way to educate yourself next to the profession. Here you have the choice between a variety of courses and different degrees, so certainly everyone will find something suitable. Of course, there are also costs for distance learning that have to be dealt with. Here a bank loan can be a very good help.

Distance Learning Program

Thanks to the very wide range of distance learning courses, it is possible, for example, to catch up on a high school diploma or even to further your education for the profession.

The choice of different distance learning courses is enormous. For example, it is possible here to catch up with a high school diploma, obtain a degree from a university, complete a variety of vocational courses or even take a private degree, such as pursuing a new hobby. In addition, prospective distance students have the choice between private as well as state providers.

On the one hand personal wishes as well as on the other hand professional backgrounds play an important role in the selection of the study program.


For distance learning, depending on the provider and choice of study, different levels of costs, which usually burden your own wallet heavily.

The cost of distance learning varies greatly. For example, it depends on whether you are studying at a private distance-learning academy or a distance-learning university or a state-run distance-learning university. For example, with the first-mentioned variants, costs of 10,000 euros or even more can quickly arise. However, the last mentioned options are still about 1,500 to 3,000 euros . If you book a distance learning course that ends without a degree, you will have to budget around 50 to 500 euros per month. However, these are rough guideline values ‚Äč‚Äčthat may well differ significantly.

In addition, there are programs that have a fairly long term . Thus, distance students have to budget for a corresponding period of time the financial burden .

Furthermore, however, additional costs may also be expected under certain circumstances. If, for example, attendance phases belong to the selected course of studies, travel and, if applicable, accommodation costs must also be taken into account. This also applies if an on-site inspection is carried out. It may also be possible to obtain further study material. This and similar information, however, the various remote providers usually directly from the degree programs, so that it is clear even before contracting with the distance school, what must be expected in the respective degree program.

Payment at the distance school

The cost of the selected distance learning course can usually be paid either in a one-off amount or by installment . Depending on the program, however, these are quite large amounts.

The various remote providers offer their students usually not only the opportunity to pay the amount for the selected course in a complete one-off payment, but it is usually feasible to pay off the sum in installments in installments.

However, depending on the course of study chosen, it is still a very large amount that has to be paid each month, often for the period indicated as the standard period of study in the course concerned.

Payment by credit

Distance learning can be paid by installment loan . For example, it is often possible to set the rates relatively low, so that the monthly financial burden is limited.

A good, alternative option for paying for distance learning, for example, offers an installment loan . Here it is the applicant usually possible, with the bank select the length of the term or the amount of the installments to a certain extent. Accordingly, for example, it may well be feasible to opt for a monthly installment that is lower than the installment offered by distance learning. This can certainly represent a significantly lower financial burden. In addition, even with a installment loan from a bank, the rates are always the same, so it does not come to unpleasant surprises.

For the granting of a loan, it is essential to fulfill the respective requirements of the banks . In addition to a secure, fixed income, this also includes a positive report and a good credit rating . In addition, as a rule, a German checking account and a German residence must be available. Similarly, the prospective applicant should have reached the age of 18 already.

However, if you are under the age of majority or you do not meet one or more requirements of the banks, then it is usually hardly feasible to apply for a loan . However, there are exceptions. For example, with the help of a guarantor or a second borrower, it is still possible to obtain the desired loan . However, it should be remembered that in such a case, the person concerned must meet the bank requirements. In addition, the guarantor or the second borrower must be aware that in the event of a default by the original borrower , he must pay for the remainder of the loan or pay the remaining installments.

In addition, many banks also offer their customers additional services. This includes, for example, the option of being able to suspend a rate in the event of an emergency or of making special repayments possible. The latter ensures that the loan amount is reduced by the additional payment. As a result, interest rates are lower. If no special repayment was agreed in the contract, the credit institutions generally require a so-called prepayment penalty . This is levied because banks are receiving less interest income due to their early payment. So it is absolutely advisable to calculate here well before the payment, whether in this case, a special repayment still worthwhile.

Credit is not equal to credit

Before a loan for the financing of the distance study is taken up, the different offers of the different banks should be well compared. So it is often feasible to save a lot.

Before concluding a loan to pay for distance learning, it is advisable to compare the different loan offers of the various banks well. Because an installment loan is not just a installment loan. This means that the various credit institutions offer different offers, which also differ in their costs. Accordingly, it pays off literally, if the eyes are kept open and the various offers are compared well with each other. For example, just a few percentage points are enough to make a difference of, for example, several hundred euros. Depending on the loan amount, this is even a much higher amount. Thanks to a comparison, the account can thus often be significantly spared.

A very good comparison option is the annual percentage rate. In contrast to the nominal interest , this includes all costs incurred for the loan.

To compare the various loan offers easily and quickly, an online loan comparison is very good. Here you can see the various loan offers as well as the most important details and costs at a glance.