Loans for the furnishing of the study

When setting up the home office, not only the professional requirements but also your own wishes can be fully addressed. Of course, there are also costs that have to be covered. File shelves, cabinets, computers, printers and co are usually quite expensive. Thus, in many cases it is not necessarily possible to pay the required amount in cash. Respondents usually come up with the question of a suitable loan .

Credit Type

There is no special loan for the office furniture. Either this is a self-employed loan or a private installment loan .

As a rule, you will not find a special loan for the office furniture. This is usually more of a loan for the self-employed. However, it is also feasible to take out a private installment loan and thus acquire the necessary furniture, technical equipment and much more.

Credit for self-employed

With a self-employed loan, it is possible to finance the home office facility. However, it is often relatively difficult for self-employed to get such a loan.

There are now a large number of banks offering loans for the self-employed and freelancers. Usually, such a loan is similar to a conventional installment loan, but with different terms .

In such a loan, the banks usually pay more attention to the creditworthiness of the applicant , because due to the independence is usually no secure, regular income available. As a result, banks usually require proof of income, for example, two full calendar years. In addition, the internal minimum income is often set higher here than for an employee. For example, it may well be that your own budget statement deviates significantly from that used by the bank .

Similarly, the borrower must meet the other requirements of the various banks. These include, for example, a positive report, a correspondingly high income as well as a German checking account and a German residence.

The self-employed usually find it difficult to obtain a loan. Because of this, it is recommended to mention any collateral already at the credit. These can be crucial for the loan transfer. A guarantor or second borrower who fulfills the various requirements of the bank offers itself here in an ideal way. Likewise, for example, time deposits and life insurance are among the typical securities.

The repayment of the loan for self-employed is in monthly installments. The amount, term , interest , repayment and further details are recorded in writing in the loan agreement .

Classic installment credit

The classic installment loan is taken up privately and then booked internally to the business account.

However, it is also possible to include a private, classic installment loan for the furnishing of the study. From the point of view of liability, there are no differences here, as a self-employed person is liable here as well as a loan for self-employed with the entire private assets. The only important thing here is that the loan is posted internally to the business account. If the company runs the same as its own checking account in the name of the borrower, then this is usually readily possible. However, if your own company is a GmbH, then this is no longer feasible.

In this case, the conditions for granting a classic installment loan are similar to those for the self-employed loan. Nevertheless, it may well be possible that a installment loan may be forgiven by the banks here.


With a special repayment , it is possible to reduce the loan amount and minimize the interest burden .

In the case of existing self-employment, it can always happen that in one month the income is higher than expected. Accordingly, it is advisable to ensure that the loan agreement provides for the right to a free special repayment per annum. For some banks, this is even possible several times a year. It can always be deducted up to a certain amount, which is also recorded in the contract. In this way, not only the total loan amount can be paid off faster, but also less interest.

If no special repayment right is included in the contract, it may nevertheless be possible to make such a payment. However, banks often fall into a so-called prepayment penalty because they have to accept ZinsZinsen sind Zahlungen eines Kreditnehmers an einen Kreditgeber oder Einleger in Höhe eines Betrags, der über der Rückzahlung des Kapitalbetrags (d. h. des Kreditbetrags) um einen bestimmten Satz liegt. Der Zins unterscheidet sich von einer Gebühr, die der Kreditnehmer dem(… weiterlesen)” >interest-rate losses. In this case, it should be recalculated in advance whether a special repayment pays despite the prepayment penalty.

Further additional agreements

Depending on the bank , various services are also offered. This includes, for example, suspending a monthly RateDie Rate, die oft auch als Annuität bezeichnet wird, stellt die regelmäßigen Zahlungen des Darlehensnehmers an den Darlehensgeber dar. Dabei enthält die Rate, die in der Regel monatlich gezahlt wird, sowohl die Zinsen, die für das Darlehen anfallen, als auch einen Anteil für die(… weiterlesen)” >installment if a financial shortage suddenly arises.

However, some banks offer their customers even more attractive additional agreements. This includes, for example, that the first installment does not have to be settled immediately, but only a little later. Likewise, it can be contractually agreed that in the event of a sudden financial bottleneck, it is feasible to suspend a monthly installment. Furthermore, some banks offer the conclusion of a residual debt insurance . This occurs, for example, at the death of the borrower, so that the family does not get into the grief even in addition to financial difficulties, since the loan still has to be repaid. Here then the insurance takes over the accruing installments. However, it is advisable to consider the conclusion of such insurance well and make the decision of your own personal and financial condition.

However, it may also be that the bank insists on such insurance. In such a case, it is then only possible to conclude this or to place another loan request with another bank.


With the help of a self-employed loan , it is possible to acquire the equipment required for the job in question.

With a loan, which is used to furnish the study, a variety of purchases can be made. This starts, for example, with the most diverse furniture, goes on computer, printer and fax machine to the required office materials. Depending on which profession is pursued, it is thus possible to buy the required items in order to pursue the work.

The best way to think before applying for the loan exactly what furniture, objects, technical equipment and other things are needed, so that is not accidentally forgotten something important. After all, re- financing may prove to be quite difficult.


Start-ups who apply for a loan also need a business plan .

However, if the study is not simply “just” refurbished, but a livelihood needs to be built, then banks usually require an additional detailed business plan. When creating the plan, it’s best to spend a lot of time and think carefully about what’s going on. Because even the business plan often contributes greatly to the loan application being accepted or rejected.